A Certain Disconnected Prologue

Many have told me writing is a process of finding yourself, but I have to add that looking for a platform is part of that process.

It has been a difficult time trying to find and understand what I want: customization? simplistic modern readability? mature community? I guess I will never know, unless I give it my all into writing. After all, one of my old flaws was that I was far too interested in getting attention of others rather then what I was trying to say. I intend to correct that.

That lead to a thorough analysis of pros and cons between Blogger and WordPress.com, reading reviews and critics for the past 24 hours, eventually leading to the birth of this blog: A Certain Astral Project:ion.

This name was based off Kazuma Kamachi’s signature light novel series, which has a nice ring to it. However, the term Astral Projection does not imply my spirituality by any means, nor  do I endorse pseudo-scientific or religious inclinations (in fact I foresee myself doing the exact inverse of that!). It is a tagline of sorts which I hope to live by: a nonphysical travel of the physical world, a reflection on myself through attempting to introspect from an objective detached perspective.

p.s.: Don’t ask anything about that colon. I am trying to be original. 

With this I declare my commitment to my writing habits.


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