Morning Notes #1

First time doing this Morning Notes series, with literally no idea and direction as to what to do today.

I am still complementing on this blog layout and my categories, but I guess its necessary to just go on with what I have and adjust accordingly.

I haven’t settled on my plans for today yet, but right now getting food is a priority. I have Dynasty Warriors 8 and Dota 2 to kill time, and 2 Michio Kaku’s books for self-enrichment. If I managed to arrange my time well, this oculd very well be the most productive holiday I ever had in my life.

Still, I crave for some adventure. Should I find time and a couple of friends to wander around KL city? or pack up and get to Penang island for the food, or cross the borders south to Singapore, just for the hell of it? There is the fact that there wouldn’t be any regrets as long I fill up this free time. But every time I gaze off into this monotonous skyline of this lonely town, I know there are things out there I am missing out.

I probably have missed out enough already.


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