Morning Notes #2

Once again, I am not sure what is there to look forward today. There is this Starbucks buy-1-free-1 promotion thing going on, where I can simply call a friend out for. Anyways, it is getting difficult to enjoy simple luxuries without having enough money to make sure you can survive through the day. I wonder if it is actually wise to go and get a job of sorts since I have a lot of things I wanted to do: books to read, movies to watch, anime to consider, 2 games to beat.

Perspective changed, there is a lot of things for me to do as long I look straight.

Oh yeah, there is the Digimon tri. trailer out last night. The music and the plot, from what I observed, looked promising, What a shame that they didn’t use the graphics and artwork from the original animation. Have always been more on the Pokemon camp, but I won’t pretend I am not looking forward to this.


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