A Certain Thoughtful Tuesday

Just some thoughts after I finished my Abaddon’s hero guide.

The process wasn’t as fun as I thought, because at the end I tried to be as politically correct as possible and wanted to cover as much as possible. This resulted in some sort of overcompensation and the outcome was less then ideal. Because of the need to put in multiple item builds for different purposes, the formatting looked incredibly chopped up and difficult to browse. If I had to fix it again (I probably will!), I would really simplify things, separate the carry build and the support build, and start working from there.  Right now I just felt somewhat lost on my next step: logically I am supposed to feel glad after the hard work, but for me it is only really done when I think I have done a good job.

So what I have really learned is that I need to stay true to what I think is right, and learn from resistance and mistakes through the process, not trying to please everyone so that everyone can look at the part they like and tell me that I have done a good job.

Not the longest post, but at least I am now determined to get back to what I have started, and truly finish it then finally call it a day. Tomorrow’s good stuff is waiting.


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