Ticking Clock

Its fitting to be following Steins;Gate while writing about my little thoughts regarding time. The honest truth is I have a lot of ambitious writing that I wanted to get done before the next semester starts, but apparently every second I spent pondering about what to do is a second wasted. Every 60 second pondering is a minute wasted. Minutes become hours, and then days. Suddenly, my break ends in a week.

On another note, I guess I have done my best with it. I finished a hero guide that should have been done last year, sought out long missed acquaintances (or this time around it is pretty safe to call them friends), confirmed a healthy pastime that is worth committing long term to, finished some movies and animes and gotten some great books. I don’t think I would want to change anything about it, given if I could jump through it.

This might be the first time I truly appreciated a break, and I would look forward to the next one.

But coming in more than a week, a new battle starts. New challenges that test my commitment to this path, renewed bonds, old and new faces, more stories to listen and more stories to tell.

Now, I have one more week to add material to my “to-be-told” list. Wish me luck.

El Psy Congroo.


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