Morning Notes #3

I cut down on the expected posting rates of the Morning Notes series as I believe these tweet-like posts with no central messages might be very distracting and boring to most readers. 

Today I expected to be able to help out at my university’s orientation, but apparently there are some mistakes and eventually I wasn’t needed after all. Nothing important of course, just me looking towards this too much and now, once again, caught with nothing fancy to do.

I can always turn this into a good thing, of course. Maybe today is the day I actually go and reload my student RapidPass (for the unlimited public transport trips per month) and wander off to KL for sightseeing purposes, hunting for food and books (and cats). Or I could be grateful for the legitimate opportunity to finish my newly bought books.

I have an enormous unorganized playlist to settle and organize, and a Music category in this blog to fill too.

Fuhuehuehue, everything is going accordingly, as intended!



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