[Instrumental] Ayur – Children of The Earth

I might have mentioned it before, but one of my most valued possessions is my music collection and I really hope I could find a way to make it part of this blog without boring my audience to no end. However, I won’t find out unless I try so here you have it, Children of The Earth by Ayur.

This is one of the first few pieces I encountered when I began to look for DJ Okawari-ish music, 2 years back. I am not sure what gets me, the soothing and memorable piano tunes? or the voice of children yearning for a tale to be told?

Every time this plays, my mood seems to dance along with it, its a dance telling a tale of how time readily skips away and how meaningless are our attempts to clutch at it, to rewind it. Truth is, things still have to move on. No expression of art in the world can bring back whatever that is lost. We can only learn that things are only wonderful because they don’t last, and lessons are only well remembered if learned the hard way.

Perhaps there are no stories to be told, but learning to make peace with one’s past is something that we can pass down to the young.


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