Escalation and Choice

Five days ago I was still a confused little scrub, hanging on the brittle edges of all of these decisions. That all changed now.

I still wasn’t completely sure if I am the best person for this, but right now it seems like I am the only one.

There was once a time where I was an absolute fan of fiction which potray characters as “chosen ones”. I honestly thought it was cool to not do anything and let everything take over and bam!

You become the hero.

But that ain’t so cool now that it happened to me. Jackie, President of of HELP Therapy Club, approached me Thursday night about handling the future of the society (which I haven’t been involved with a lot). The old crew had to leave for their thesis and no one is left to take over.

This time, I am the one.

I accepted the offer. I might have rehearsed this moment in my mind a thousand times in a thousand different daydreams. But this is real, and I don’t have a day think it over. Chance slips when you don’t grasp at it.

I must be mad. I don’t know shit about therapy, I have hearing (or listening, one or the other) issues, I have lost confidence leading and speaking. My capabilities as a president is going to be very questionable. Worst, I am almost seemingly alone in this. But, heh.


I don’t recall having something so useless to begin with.

Tomorrow onwards, I am fighting a new battle.


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