Exceeding Expectations and Credits

I thought we never had to go all out in an recruitment drive where our goal is not to recruit as much as possible, but getting only the quality individuals. But gut feeling tells me I have nothing to lose by giving this my best.

So yeah, I did that.

My members have to put up with me being indecisive and disorganized. But I once we handled the details of the decorations, well shit, I was surprised at how well things went. There are no screw ups during the recruitment, up to 43 members (and still going) provided their contacts. Once again, I managed to impress even myself (at how well I manged to sweet talk people into joining a society on the verge of death), but I give all the credit to my team. Jackie and Melody for valuable intel and support, Ming for the decorations, Marianne for the card brochure, Mandy for helping up to set up the booth (and put up with me), Stephanie for backing me up during recruitment and explanation (along with Mandy for making bookmark gifts). Last but not least, Abraham for the laptop and recruitment form (I brought mine actually, but his laptop has way better battery life, and he installed Kingsoft Office just for this).

And there is me too who managed to pull everything together with the smallest budget and narrowest social circle. Ha.

At least, the past week of worrying was worth it.

I know this isn’t informative or entertaining for most readers (frankly I am half bored rereading this), but this is my first time spearheading something which brought results at the surface level. Really wanted to leave something to remind myself that.. 

If I want something hard enough, I will find a way to get it. 


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