A Certain Not-So-Monotonous Monday

Dear diary, today was a fucking good day.

So what was supposed to be a monotonous Monday turned out to be pretty exciting in the end. It all actually happened at the same time, halfway through the excruciatingly unbearable Qualitative Methods lecture (which had a lot with me being on the front row), the great Dr Goh decided to pop by and give a 15 minute long talk on recent updates with the department. I will be honest, I didn’t remember much of the details aside from the highlights: the new campus in Subang Bestari, which is going to be ready on May 2016! Pretty confident that I am not the only one that forgot about the revamped research assistant program, passing rates, updated remediation procedure etc.

I am also pretty certain that, everyone was thinking along the lines of “We need to endure one more year in this shithole”.

To go in line with that, halfway through that I got an announcement that HELP Therapy Club won second place for Unilive!

Mandy and Stephanie starting from the right, thats me on the left. I forgot who started with the idea of wearing scarves, was it me? But on my defense I had no idea they will buy it so readily. Anyways, that how winners look like 🙂

Well let me list out the people I have to thank. Official Presidents Jackie and Melody for giving pointers, Stephanie for backing me up during theme explanations and recruitment (and dem bookmarks!), Mandy for putting up with my lack of intuition during decoration and putting so much effort into the bookmarks despite being so busy herself, Ming Li for the last-minute garland, Marianne for the brochure-card, Abraham for the laptop.

And the new members who signed up, which boosted my confidence levels so much that I was surprised at how much of a smooth-talker I actually can be.

Who got first place you may wonder? Funnily enough its Child Development Psychology club, beside us, which happened our allies of sorts(wonder if its friendship or plain lack of conflict of interest). Halfway through decoration I actually whispered out of earshot to the girls that we seem to be doing a somewhat better job than them. Did not realize that they are actually doing far better than the others and made more effort to relate to the theme. Touche, and congratulations to them.

Did I mention that our actual expenditure was probably less than RM5? Aand, this is my first time spearheading this kind of event (on a barely alive society) yet we managed to triumphed over long standing solid societies like Psych Film and Peer Support Group. So I beg your pardon, and allow me to indulge in my temporary bloated ego while I still can. I do not regret giving my best even for this trivial event.

Happily signing off.


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