Full Monday Panic

What can I say, nothing really went accordingly.

Its already Week 4 of my semester by the way, I am actually half way through the semester already believe it or not. 

First of all, my 2 mobile devices turned against me. My newly inherited Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet’s battery refused to charge, and my own Galaxy S4 just died, or on its deathbed, one or the other. The Tab’s power percentage simply doesn’t go up no matter how long I charged it (there is this one instance where I left it charging for 48 hours then it went back to full power, otherwise it simply doesn’t charge) or turned off every single app. The S4’s battery juice simply depletes way too fast nowadays, a full charge could be 80% gone in 1 hour of reading, and the phone will just turn off even if the power is still at 40%.

Suddenly I will need to spend a thousand plus ringgit at the very least. Geez.

Secondly, I have an upcoming interview to help found a new up-and-coming cognitive engineering laboratory, which because of myself fumbling over the above issues (asking for replacement phones, browsing for options), I am extremely unprepared for whatever that is going to happen. The worst part is that the lecturer in charge still haven’t confirmed the schedule with me, making it very likely to be tomorrow in the worst case scenario.


And thirdly, there is midterms on Tuesday. I have already went through the notes once, but I still feel rather under-prepared. I just hope that I will be in the best of spirits on that day, to tackle 50 MCQs which likely involves a lot of case study. This will be my first Year 2 level test after all.

Pardon the lack of content aside from disjointed panic. I need to pull myself together and sometimes leaving this here might just be what I need.

ps: Also, I have plans to start writing a series dedicated to psychology and life as a psychology major, along with what to expect and stuff like that. I have a rough idea planned out and I originally intend to start writing today. But well, unforeseen circumstances. 


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