[Japanese] Ayane – いつもこの場所で (Always In This Place)

Fairly busy with stuff (research proposals, club plans, mid terms ) so this is the best I can do to keep this going. 

The singer Ayane is particularly difficult to track down, but if you like her voice here is the wiki page if you are interested. This song is from the movie Steins;Gate, Burdened Domain of Déjà vu when the credits roll after the emotional reunion between Rintarou and Kurisu.  Personally I am not sure if this song will have the same emotional impact without that scene, but it still should be a pretty good piece. Its about reflecting on the present from the future after all.

Did I mention Steins;Gate is amazing?

Someday in the future, when we look back
At when you would laugh like usual at this place


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