Counter Communist Win!

I actually devoted an entire day just to get my phone working, but ultimately it was worth it.

I own a Galaxy S4 myself, which comes free as part of some phone call package my father uses in China. But there’s the catch, the phone is distributed in China which comes with various stuff that I don’t consider perks. Most notably the anti-Google mechanics implemented in the phone. For the last 2 years, I have been using a really good Android phone, but held back by the limitations of Google. Every time I tried to run a Google app, the damned phone will just boot the app out.

If anything, this just made me want the fluidness and connectivity of Google apps more, where everything my account is connected is together.  

So the day started off with me heading off to Lowyat Plaza. I was iniitally supposed to find a certain Middle Eastern professional who is legendary for his skills at mending physical damage of phones. My S4 was badly scratched, the cover seems loose and the screen looks like its about to pop off. Most importantly, the battery is extremely faulty and its getting really uncomfortable to put up with the phone dying at 40% juice.

It just so happened that every single issue above was tackled with a simple battery change. 

The battery merely expanded so much that it was pushing every other part out of its way. The moment the new battery went in, the S4 felt like a brand new phone! Screen, cover, buttons and all.

After this, I traveled to Amir’s place and sought his assistance for getting rid of this communist-capitalist menace once and for all. Amir is a fellow psychology student, underneath his devout stereotypical Muslim appearance, he is an IT enthusiast and claims this rooting business as child’s play.

So we got to business. He browsed developer forums for procedures, and took note of every single procedure and eliminated options that won’t work. This was harder than expected as the necessary setup files and stuff for my build are in rather obscure areas of the Internet. Suspicious Baidu cloud links, originally broken links, encrypted zips and other stuff. But through a mix of his technical knowledge and persistent googling, along with my 101% accurate translation prowess, we finally pulled through and Google Framework was working for the first time in two years!

Guess I am not changing phones anytime soon, but I am sure as hell is going to get a new cover for it.

Oh yeah, and a huge middle finger dedicated to the Communist Party’s censoring policies.


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