One year into a psychology degree program, but I just realized that I never knew what being mindful meant.


The intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”, which can be trained by meditational practices. “

Worth noting that introductory psychology does not cover this, even though on it seems relatively simple, even for laymen.  

This particular word could very well be the essence of psychology, because it talks about being objective about the subjective, which describes the entire study of psychology perfectly. (but I will leave that for future posts.)

One does not realize how difficult it is to actually slow down. Yes its ironic as our very nature is to race against the flow of time, slowing down is asking to get “Darwin-ed”, to get left out or removed by reality. Its natural for us to see life as a battle.

Which everyone loses in the end.

The concept of mindfulnesses preaches that our lives are a cumulation of a multitude of experience. To experience fully is to live fully, and to experience the essence of reality at its fullest, one cannot be hasty. Being mindful means a process of constant introspection about you and the present.

Its not merely asking “how am I feeling right now?”, but rather “what is this I am feeling?”.

Couple this with deep breathing and closing your eyes. Suddenly the slow but steady passage of time can be felt. You are now the little voice in your head, a separate sentience, trying to tell yourself what you are actually feeling.

You are now mindful.

You now realize how easy it is to be ignorant of the tiny details around us. In our pursuit for the brighter better future (where we still have to deal with shortsightedness!), for a “better tomorrow”, we forgot the simplest gift everyone has:: the option to live, to indulge in the Present.

Maybe here is an example to reflect on.

Do you drink coffee or sip coffee? Do you gulp it down for the sake of staying conscious for the day, or do you sip it slowly and be mindful of the roasted smell, the texture, the foam and the stream of warmth that is going to be part of you?

Think of a particular person or event you dislike. Do you dislike someone because he or she offended you with words or actions? Or you just keep getting the bad “vibes” he or she is emanating?

Be an impartial narrator for your own self and you might reach astonishing conclusions. Try to describe your likes and dislikes and your emotions from a 3rd person perspective, and you will get to be your very own revelation.


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