[Instrumental/Piano] July – Fly a Letter to the Wind

I wrote a heartfelt letter and mailed it through the wind, hoping to reach a stranger who will be my final destination.”  

This was the theme song of sorts for my Tumblr. Its pretty dead now, I have no plans to revive it anytime soon. It just happened to be anchored to this blog for the hell of it. 

Now looking back maybe the song wasn’t too special on its own, but the title was easily memorable and relate-able to the melodic beats. This is probably July’s best hit by far, probably have been the OST of some Vietnamese drama series judging by the amount of Viet viewers’ comments. I can imagine how well this blends in in a parting scene.

The song just seemed to hit the right spot when I first found it, I hope it does the same to you too.


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