Catching a Breather

I didn’t forget about this, it is just tough to take time out when one is often away from the Internet. 

So this will just be a generic update post. First of all, all major assignments have ended only one presentation of Monday remains and that’s about it. The hurdles of Year One are over for good. (yes there is finals but let just pretend it doesn’t exist at the meantime)

So, what is up for me? Well, there is this remarkable long break (2 week study break and a between-semester) coming soon, which is more than enough time for me to go into “factory reset” again, reconfiguring my daily habits and stuff. But this time, I have a couple more responsibilities on my back: psychology-related articles to write and a club to plan the future for. Maybe spend some times with the kids at the children’s home too. Oh, and if the cognitive engineering lab project starts earlier than I expected, add that to the list as well.

This might actually be my first “busy” break. I might be mad, but I would like to think that I am going to enjoy it very much.


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