A Certain Funky Wednesday: Selected for Colloquium, CEL Group Meeting, Freshmen Farewell-Night

Gotta jot this stuff down before they leave me for good. 

I was actually dreading the selection for colloquium, but at the same time I was rather, relaxed, about it. An email informed us that only 15 would be chosen for colloquium, and I predicted that my proposal would not be good enough for top 15 based of my often astonishingly accurate intuition. So when the tutors crashed the lecture and called out the chosen, I actually wasn’t too concerned.

Or thats what I thought until I realized I was actually pricking my ears up for my name. 1..2..3..

..15 got called out, my name ain’t there. Mixed pangs of “phew” and “geez didn’t do a good enough job”. And a little bit of, “man wasn’t as good as I thought”.

But that’s okay. At least a get a break right.

But the call-outs continued. I suddenly remembered that they just announced that they expanded the selections to 17. My name was the last.

Oh lol, what did I just got myself into.

At the moment this is the most urgent thing on my list. I have to prepare a poster to be presented on Saturday’s colloquium based of my research proposal for a qualitative study, on the experiences of Christian students learning and accepting biological evolution. 

Following that was a meeting with my group members for the Cognitive Engineering Lab project along with Dr Cameron. Really excited for what may become of this as we were shown one of our prized “toys” a Samsung VR Gear, which could be potentially used for testing or therapies. Didn’t manage to discuss much but at least we got to know the team in person. The actual project involves getting funding from the department to actually establish a laboratory of sorts in the new campus.

I am actually lost for words to describe how excited am I to be involved in this project. Of course the actual work of the project could be more boring than it is, but I believe the experience here its going to be worth it.

And finally, the Freshmen Farewell Night, which is sort of an anniversary celebration for our August Intake 2014, the most happening intake ever! I actually intend to describe this in detail, but I am going to save the stories for another post at the end of the semester. Aside from that there isn’t actually a lot to write about, partly because of me being to busy getting the pizzas and it wasn’t as “organized” as we expected.

See, everyone is happy. How long will this last I don’t know, but someone told me that what happens now is a gift, thats why it is called the “Present”. …I am actually really proud to be counted as one of them.

All-in-all though, this is the first of its kind and I hope we are actually setting up some sort of tradition for the future intake to follow and actually repaint the culture of the university itself.

Oh yeah, I also sang a short song for those who are leaving. Wasn’t so bad since everyone knows me 🙂 

I guess that pretty much summed up may long Wednesday yesterday. I expect to start the psychology series pretty tuned, and thanks to those for reading!


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