Get Busy Living, Get Busy Dying

So yeah, for no reason at all I got myself into loads of stuff.

First signing up to help with the Lab, handle a shaky club with 2-3 upcoming activities, and now I got a position to write articles frequently. On top of that, there is this list of anime to watch, actually practice parkour, study ventriloquism, arrange my playlist, 4 books to read, my own personal writing projects…

and I find myself lying on my bed at times. Damn,

Oh wait, before I get too lost in my things I plan to do, ther eis actually finals going on in two weeks (with no class in between). 

So yeah, this is just another filler update post on the things to come. Not that they are of anything informative, but at least I feel much more compelled to do them once I listed them out here. That is one of the few things I see useful about writing, it clears up your mind: sort logical thoughts from emotional thoughts and allows you to be truly aware about what you are feeling as long you put your heart into it.

Right now I feel purposeful. If I were to die tomorrow, it will be of burnout, not rotting away in stagnancy.


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