Evan; After

Actually I am not exactly sure what to feel about this, half wanted everyone to know, yet that destroys the point of myself being anonymous during the event. So I thought I would at least write down something, as proof, if someone wants to trace back. Or if just to remind myself that even I have done good things, and people do remember me for it. 

Some apologies go to Sera as I didn’t give my real name. I didn’t lie, however. I was so convinced I will go by the name “Evan” for a certain part of the world that is detached from my Chinese side. 

Thanks for making my day. Recently I have been very disillusioned by the whole concept of giving (although I will still stick with it to the end). This confession renewed this resolve, in the way that some of them will get back to me. No I don’t believe in karma nor altruism, but I would like to think that sticking to a bit of selflessness goes a long way.

Whatever you are up to Sera, I hope you are well.

Some may wonder why is the title named “Evan; After”. What happened was for the last month or so I hoped to use it a pseudonym of sorts, but it didn’t stick for long. I used many names across many platforms, as every time I get (or generate) one, it gives the sense of embarking on a brand new adventure. Maybe I might just keep doing this, go around places helping people, and leaving alternate names…

Reminds me of this forgotten Chinese kungfu novel where one walks the way of the nameless hero.

Off track, the point is, I never meant any deceit when I didn’t use my real name. It just never occurred to me that Evan would not last as a real world identity. So yeah, you won’t get anywhere looking for “Evan from HELP Psychology, Year 1” as he was never real enough to begin with. But I am real here. Writing stuff and helping others, hoping to be of value, hoping to go far.

Cross paths someday? Maybe. But as far as I am concerned, your appreciation more than enough. I always knew that I have been doing the right things all along.


J. Lancelot.


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