[Jazz/Hip Hop] Re:Plus – Nighttime

Been kinda away for a while, went back to hometown for Raya and bought a crap ton of books. 

So as penitence, I shall offer to introduce everyone to one of my favorites on my rebuilt playlist: Nighttime by a small musical group (which actually consists of only one individual as much as I found out) known as Re:Plus, which have been making quite some jazzy, hip-hop-ish beats since 2010. They should be a rather familiar name for those who are fans of the in Ya Mellow Tone series. Feel free check out them (him?) if interested!

Otherwise this is just a little “I am still here, but confused at what to do next” kinda post. If not enough, pair Nighttime up with some rain, which makes everything better.

I am still pondering whether I should post the articles that I have written for MY Psychology here, it makes sense to do so but I have no idea what category would they fall under >:

Until next time. 


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