Freshman Stage, Cleared

Bam, with both of my finals out of the way I have full reign over my time again.

A little reflection on my papers…for both Qualitative Methods and Counseling Skills, I was more or less out of form. Don’t really expect myself failing any of them, but I could have done so much better to secure a scholarship or try to strive for better grades for my degree.

I am actually extremely tired right now over burning midnight oils but I have to at least finish this ceremoniously. Looking back at how my Year 1 went, I am more or less, grateful for everything that happened. One year before from now I am still ranting about unfortunate experiences of having to extend my semester in Foundations, but looking back now, nah, I have no regrets and will not have it any other way.

If the August 2014 bunch sees this, please be informed that even after having questioned this many times, I am really proud and content to be counted as part of you all. 

We have sort of made it through many things together.

We organized a rather memorable Freshmen Night despite not knowing each other beforehand. Then organized fund-raising campaigns for the children’s home and helped each other out by buying from each other.

We roamed about the campus, crashing lectures that we are not supposed to be in and missing the ones we ARE supposed to attend.

We sit around during assignment submissions, helping review each other’s work and working out how to deal with the APA formatting and proceed to accidentally sabotage each other’s work. 😀 

Remember when we thought literature review was going to fun until we found out that we are supposed to review academic journals, not do a review about Sherlock Holmes or The Fault in Our Stars.

We surveyed each other for our quantitative lab reports, secretly remembered each other’s CGPA, personality traits, self-esteem, relationship status, time spent on social network and stuff that are supposed to be confidential.

How can I not be glad that, of all the 7 billion half-evolved primates on this planet, I get to cross paths with all of you?

These are tough times we re going through on our pursuit of understanding human beings, and the ones that came before always say that its only going to get rougher. But really, I probably won’t have it any other way.

We got each other’s back.

ps: a little summary of what I plan to do for this blog during the break. There will be a couple of Dota 2 related content 🙂 I also hope to watch and review Spirited Away soon along with one other anime (and the massive stock of books I bought recently). But the majority of the time will be dedicated to organizing the series introducing readers to the field of psychology. 


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