[Dota 2] Morals of the Story of The International 5

#1 Leshrac is overrated

Leshrac is definitely on the strong side, but honestly he pales in comparison to pickups like Lina and Bounty Hunter. Lina in her current form can constantly deals incredible amounts of burst for single target pickoffs and teamfights. Lina picking up Eul’s Scepter can easily setup an instant kill on most solo targets, coupled with Aghanim Scepter which makes Laguna Blade deal pure damage and penetrate BKB, Lina has basically zero, zero reliable counters. No matter what position she takes, she is going to get out of control. Bounty Hunter single handedly makes the game go -easymode. His only downside is lack of reliable disables early on and difficult to maintain his mana pool. However, the moment he gets level 6, he gets one of the best spell in the current meta: Track. This spell generates gold from thin air everytime you snag a kill. It doesn’t matter if you are picking off a high priority kill like a carry Luna or Gyrocopter, or a dispensable support like Ancient Apparition, Track doesn’t discriminate hero kills and rewards everyone involves with extra gold. A mere support kill joined by 5 heroes can mean a significant gold swing, a full five man wipe can potentially achieve 5000+ gold gains. Leshrac dealing huge damage and having respectable bulk pales in comparison to them in terms of reliability.

#2 A good captain is the most important aspect of a team, more than a good mid or carry, or support duos. 

Secret’s S4 chokes and the best team in the world gets a 7th/8th disappointing placing. CDEC’s Q, LGD’s Xiao8, EG’s ppd are all the main reason why they even got far in the tournament. Same goes for VP’s fng who is one of the most brilliant drafters, managing to pull a major upset against Secret. IG, Newbee, Cloud 9, Empire all failed because of lacking good captains. Captains have to draft (which can flat out win games), make calls for objectives, and maintain the team’s morale, all which are getting more and more important to be a great team due to the maturation of the competitive scene.

#3 The best team doesn’t always win tournaments, too much attention is a bad thing 

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t feel right that Team Secret got a 7th/8th placing. There isn’t anything wrong with their roster which has the best players for that position and can play multiple positions well. All it takes is just two unlucky matchups against teams that studied them thoroughly got them knocked out. Clearly, being overhyped before The Internationals isn’t always the best thing to happen, as you get all the attention in the world on you. On the other hand, EG which is commonly considered “best Western team after Secret” and not being in their best shape pre TI got the perfect dose of skill, favoritism and non-attention and got the first ever win for the USA. On the other hand, a often overlooked team, CDEC, slipped through defenses and dealt fatal blows to many much bigger and scarier teams with a mix of underestimated but reliable strategies along with a hint of luck, and secured a place in the Grand Finals.

#4 Koreans are coming and they will rule the game

There is a serious Korean community at TI3, a Korean team nearly won the wild cards at TI4 SEA qualifiers, and now two Korean teams made it into TI5, one of them making it to Top 8 and tied with Team Secret, the other capable of making some really eye-catching plays. This year, MVP Pheonix is noticeably a notch above big Chinese names such as Newbee and IG, highly rated teams the likes of Empire and Fnatic, and capable of playing on par with VG. It was hard to believe that 1.5 years back the Korean scene was a joke that no one took seriously. With Koreans progamers being treated like celebrities and the amount of money that is going into funding competitive Dota 2, the Korean scene will ascend into incredible heights next year and may just surpass all regions the year after.

#5 Two-time TI champions may not be happening for a long time


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