Year Two of Renewed Resolution

Officially sophomore, all my subject codes begin with “2” now and about time I get used to it:

-much more initiative

-study external sources

-study in advance

-productive spending of time (which also means no games until assignments cleared)

This time I am going ham with five subjects: four heavy ones (one of them requires me to conduct a full experimental research, at least three require immense amounts of reading), one light subject but require constant attention.

I honestly wasn’t sure if I am up to this at this time of writing, I had a feeling I got ridiculously overconfident after receiving my last semester’s outstanding results. 

This is one semester that is going to push me to my extremes, and something tells me that this is only a small taste of the storm incoming.

Its do or die now, though.

ps: I might still find time for PsychSeeing. Just don’t expect it too often.



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