The Cat That Did Not Return

I have to get this off my head, otherwise I would be too mentally incapacitated to do anything useful. I am meant for more useful things than worrying about the cat. 

I didn’t know I am a cat person until 20th December 2012 (20-12-2012, see what I did there), where I adopted two kittens straight from the rainy streets (park, to be exact). Plenty of shit happened along the way: many wanted me to get rid of it (condo regulations and stuff), ferrying them up and down across long distances was troublesome, getting them to settle down in a place was extremely difficult (they hide under basically every furniture they see, and they can fit into amazingly narrow gaps). But then three years passed.

I bode farewell to high school friends, entered foundations, finished it and set foot in degree Year 2. The family changed at least three different maids who would look after the cats while I am away. They didn’t have the most normal life a cat could ask for, like being stuck in a cage for half a day and nothing much to entertain them. But that was about to change soon, I always thought. We were going to move to a terrace house by next year, with loads of space for them to play, jump, hunt, sleep, lead a normal kitty life without the cage for at least a decade if all goes well.

That didn’t go so well though.

Yesterday midday, one of them went on its usual wanderings. This time, she didn’t find its way back.

We spent two entire days, spoiled plans for both days, trying to find her and get news.

I live in a 18 level condominium with a somewhat large compound. I searched through all 18 floors, examined every doorstep and corner possible, with no results.

I wasn’t sure if I was really sad, practically cats can be more trouble than they are worth aside being companions. It is just difficult to see the other cat alone and imagining the other one trying to figure its way back from god-knows-where. She doesn’t have to be beside me, but is she doing well, I wonder.

All I could do now is spread information around my block and see if it reaches somebody who may see her. Some cleaners reported seeing her cowering behind a corner on a lower floor but they are on leave today. She could have went to the lower levels through a staircase that is often left open but I after searching through the whole block it might have somehow passed through the highly secure gates into the open compound.

I just wonder where she is and how is she doing. If she was somehow cat-napped (for unknown reasons, there are quite some strays around and its breed isn’t exactly noble, its a regular shorthair), I hope the perpetrators at least feed her and give her a good home. If she is still lost within the area, I hope she could fend for herself for survival, or at least find meaning in it. Spayed cats usually don’t socialize well with others too.

Its time I end this with a little personal note addressed to her.

Sorry for not naming you. But thank you for the company over the past three years. This might be mad but sometimes I find you more humanly than the people I live around a lot (or thats just me losing it). It is hard giving up the active search for you and imagining you trying to figure out whats next for you, but I do have a lot of responsibilities to attend to as of now. Just stay safe, and I hope you will cross paths with some family who would happily take care of you. Another apology for dumbing down your hunting instincts, but I hope you recover them soon. You are going to need that tiger within to survive this cruel world.

One of the last photos I have of her

ps: I will still be looking for information until I move away.


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