Not even halfway and…

…I want this over already.

Five subjects certainly isn’t as easy as I thought. Here is some feedback about them so far.

Social Psychology is..kinda fine. It is certainly less interesting than I expected, either the concepts are already learned in the past two years, or they are just outright boring. The good thing is that the subject matter is not really confusing , once you get the hang of the key words and concepts, you can already apply it into scenarios or case studies. Contrary to what most would think, most social psychology concepts are very simplified as each theory are tailored to explain only a few forms of phenomena and are often compatible with each other instead of contradicting. The only part I didn’t liek as of now is the video assignment. I have a freaking experiment to run and I have to make up time for video shooting? No pls. 

Human Personality is actually not fun. It isn’t tough, but there is a lot of reading to be done and requires some solid thinking skills.  Swallowing the raw facts is kinda easy, but the moment you start comparing and contrasting those different theories you start losing your head. Then you will get to the part where you have to critique personality theories…No, not fun. Lecturer treated us to watch Pixar’s Inside Out though, I can’t rate the subject badly for that. 

Career Pathways in The Behavioral Sciences is amazing. Its a MPU (compulsory subjects prescribed by the government) which usually mean it is supposed to be shitty, but not this one, This subject involves speakers from various fields in psychology coming and sharing their thoughts and experiences. Easily one of the more exciting and useful subjects I am having right now. Its assignments involve reflecting on hwo are we going to achieve our career goals, which is really useful and practical. For once, a non-psychology subject actually seems like a non-filler subject that actually has an impact.

Advanced Quantitative Methods is easily the biggest hurdle I am going through. I will have to design an experiment under time and participant constraints, along with our methodology being limited (due to not having enough knowledge on the other designs). The factual part is kinda easy, but when one has to actually design the experiment and justify the design, one usually realizes he hasn’t taken enough classes. Maybe it isn’t as ahrd as I am making it out to be, but its easily the most stressful one. Thats not even considering the quizzes the lecturer throws out at random. 

Evolutionary Psychology is my only reason for coming to university at all. I think I can dedicate entire pages of posts telling other how amazing this subject is and why choosing to take it is one of my best decisions ever. But for now, I will just sum it up with “great lecturer” and “great subject”. Period. I am seriously considering dedicating my efforts on explaining psychology from the evolutionary perspective.

Thats actually not too bad, if I hadn’t got involved with leading my club and the usability testing lab project. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoyed them and would have pulled out if I felt things aren’t going to be worth it. But I can’t help feeling that I am really biting more than I can chew. At this rate I might choke myself trying to swallow it all.

But I can’t say I will have it any other way.

I might be blogging about Social Psychology to prepare for my quiz soon. 


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