One of Those Typical Thursday Thoughts

Thursdays are meant to roast students of my batch this semester.

We come to university at 8.00 am for a class that isn’t academically oriented but meant to give us a direction to our future careers, ending at 11.00am. After our energy is spent on contemplating the future, we get a long ass 4 hour break which usually ends up unproductive before we proceed to the next class that starts at 3.00 pm and ends at 6.00 pm. The worst part? That class is on research methodology:crucial. spoonfeed-ish, detail oriented, practice intensive.  In other words, we will squeeze our study drive dry through the class, hoping it to end early. If our wishes of the class ending gets too apparent (packing early etc), we get pop quizzes thrown at us where most of us will just crumble under.

Then we get ourselves rekted in the traffic jam on the way home, through either public transport or driving.  I might have a couple of accidents under my belt already in a hypothetical world in which I drive home.

In a nutshell:

1. arrive at the earliest time for trivial classes

2. do nothing until crucial class till the final time slot.

3. Struggle in the jam later and reflect on the burnout.

4. Feel so done with life but realize not even halfway through    

Today was extra special: I have research methods tutorials right after the morning class, and it didn’t go as imagined.

I was 101% clueless on half of the quiz questions given, and barely managed to scrape a couple of points in pitiful decimals.  I also managed to not remember that I need my laptop and a document (which was uploaded for us) for the assessment on using SPSS.  The borrowed laptop had no assessment file and I spent the first half of my tutorial wondering how the rest keyed in their data so quickly (they had the sav. file for the practice, while I was frantically keying in the 100 rows of data). Luckily I had the sense to jot down the steps on a piece of paper.

What happened during the assessment (where we have to go through the data analysis unguided) was spookier. I, who had my self-efficacy bashed to ground level, finished the assessment first (filling in the questions confidently). I was not at all confident after looking through the rest and saw that they were only halfway through. I mean, from what I saw the questions were just repeats from the final parts of Year 1 research methods and after sufficient refreshing I seem to know the right way to read and interpret data tables.

But how is the rest not done?

Nothing made sense. Either I am that idiot who missed out a fuckton of things, or I am actually eligible for Mensa.

I still think the whole first half of the day was a disaster and I already wanted to retreat home to work on my essay due next week (which is mid terms, mind).

But I gotta keep guard up for 4 more hours.


2 thoughts on “One of Those Typical Thursday Thoughts

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  1. hey… I remember you from class at one point in life, and after so long of not really knowing what’s going on in your life, I realised that weirdly enough, we are going through the same thing. Hahah. No worries, it passes. It did for me. 🙂 This is probably just a blog to release your stress or something, not for people to worry over you or anything, but just saying, you will probably become someone very important in the future, just like how everyone knew you would be back in our school days 😉 Have a great year, and study hard with a strong and peaceful heart kay? God Bless!


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