[Korean] Taeyeon – I

Its been a while since I last shared a piece of music (I suspect this semester has made music aschematic to me, I have been listening to music less and less), so while I am in the midst of preparing for an assessment and another mid term paper, I will just share something mainstream, for once. 

I could not actually make up the meaning of the Korean lyrics initially. but I can definitely feel something charming about it. Something flying unbound, burning with the desire for adventure and contentedness with a certain journey, all inferred from the MV, the couple of Korean and English phrases I managed to make out, and the positive vibes from the song itself. Reminiscence of “Let It Out” by Miho Fukuhara.  

This just gets me thinking: someone’s out there enjoying a beautiful life, while I am here in front of my notes feeling stagnant with my coursework.

But someday this will all be over, and I just have to keep at it.

It is odd as I am never a fan of SNSD or Korean pop in general but this one is particularly hooking and really changed my perception of Korean music as a whole. 


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