Breathless Recap of Mid Terms Week

At long last everything is over. 

Owai- I am only halfway through (Week 7 out of 14 weeks).

And it wasn’t exactly long. 

For the past five days, I have been juggling three to four graded assessments. I expected this week to be the toughest one there is, but aside from the pressing time and some sleep deficiency, it actually wasn’t that bad.

It is likely that I have already got used to the lack of sleep: i routinely sleep at twelve onwards (I share a room with 3 other family members and its very inconvenient to sleep until everyone else does) and wake up at 5 (on Thursdays and Fridays, occasionally other days for meetings and discussions). So I am not actually extremely tired, just burnt out from the stress.

The schedule looked like this: Monday Social Psychology midterms at 3pm, Tuesday regular lectures at 1pm to 4pm Evolutionary Psychology, Wednesday experiments for bonus credits, Thursday has one must-pass assessment. Finally, Friday Human Personality mid terms at 8 am, and Evolutionary Psychology assignment submission at 5.30 pm.

So I happen to have 3 days before Monday, but I decided to focus most of my efforts on the essay due Friday as I would have ample time to prepare for Monday’s paper, which I presume to be not too hard. That was the winning move that decided most of the outcome: I finished 80% of the stuff on Saturday, then I have the whole of Sunday to casually read up the material and the entire Monday morning to prepare further more–all without having to sacrifice sleep.

Monday’s test was extremely manageable (in fact it was much easier than the Year 1 social psychology paper), with me finishing the whole 50 multiple choice questions smoothly. Social psychology questions are often made in a way that the moment you understand the definitions, you will be able to eliminate most of the wrong options immediately with the answer staring right at you in the face.

Tuesday went normally, but with the idea that I will be finishing my assignment tonight. And I did (minus reference formatting)!

Then Wednesday came, where I prepared myself for experiments starting 10.00am, but because of various issues (mom occupying the bath, bus being very late, no cabs wanted to pick up), and there was me burning midnight oil the night before, I was unable to make it in time even though I woke up at 7.30 am. That left me somewhat angry (loss of experimental hours credit) at all the things in existence (including the researcher for not leaving his phone number), but I was no longer too conscious of how I felt as I dropped asleep once I got back.

Was supposed to read up for Friday’s finals, but I couldn’t really muster up the fucks needed for it. I ended up revising for the assessments tomorrow. 

Next day, I struggled through the rough usual Thursday schedule, but seemed to have done the must-pass assessment rather well. On top of that, that was the first PSY 201 class without any quizzes since the beginning of the semester, which automatically qualifies a good Thursday.

Still, I didn’t really get to sleep.  That night I wasn’t exactly sure if I slept at all, it was one of my worst studying modes, occasionally I am in the living room flipping pages and memorizing key words, occasionally retreating to the bed for 20 or so minutes.  So when I really set off to university at 6 am I was really confused about my psychological state, perhaps too tired to be even aware of it.  But I had most of the keywords on my mind, and people were revising really loud outside the exam hall too, which proved extremely convenient.  The examination was a breeze even though I forgot everything I learned at dawn. Just somewhat angry at the fact that I lost sleep for this, 

Nearly submitted into the wrong submission box.

Then, I tied up the loose ends of my evolutionary psychology essay on religion and the formatting for submission.

That marks the end of this particular week. Once again, wasn’t as bad as I imagined, but I never had examinations and assignment submission on the same week through my 3 years in tertiary education.

And yeah, never taking more than 3 heavy subjects at once again. Fuq dat.


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