Of Fogged Paths and Faces

Ah look I just came out with a flashy title with no idea on how to continue writing. 

I was probably about to rant, but everything just sort of fell into place in the end so I really could not complain much. I might want to give thanks for certain things as well although they weren’t exactly world changing.

Where do I begin?

The damned haze. Perhaps at the end of the day everything gone slightly sour had to do with it. Well maybe not, but it is best to attribute all misfortunes in the world to it. Throats go extra dry, supply of patience and effort on an all time low. People just come and go off, like the whole world is merely made of dull paths and destinations, instead of scenes, stories, and sights. Like there is nothing to be excited about, worth discussing and gossiping about, worth looking back or forward.

In a world where everyone is masked and scenery are fogged with a dull layer of haze, no one seems to like living anymore. Everything smells like death, with no renewal and redemption.

We all just want this to be over already.

On my own part, quite a lot of things happened. I attended a rather interesting focus group on The Picture of Dorian Gray (comes with a free Green Tea Latte), the Psychology Camp where I felt somewhat younger again (even if only by a few months), aand nothing else significant. I managed to single-handedly break even for my club’s fundraising event though, on that note.  What else is there to look forward to about university? A video, a lab report, a forum, career development plan, another analysis on someone’s personality through their biographies. Perfect /sarcasm. 

What else aside from my writing can get any worse?


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