Heart Slumbers

Right now, my life is like a city made of glass. I can hear the sounds and the bustle, but I cannot see the colors anymore.

Anyhow, I made it this far. Time crawls when you stop focusing on the present but on all the possibilities once you get ou tof it. For me, every day I imagine myself taking a semester off and all the things in the world I can do with it. Take up research projects without being graded, actually read and study something for the sake doing so, reenter the world of games and lore, cafe hopping around my town before I move, join that nice undergrad internship and see the working world of clinicians for myself…

All of that will not come if I don’t focus on my work now.

I know that every assignment done thus far has plenty of room for improvement and that I actually have the room to work on them, but I can no longer bring myself to do it.

My heart is now fully on dropping my work into the submission box rather than showing lecturers how much I actually know. That goes for both of my recent assignments.

Right now, I can clearly see the night and the gloom through this glass city. Maybe this night is just like any other, everyone does have their ups and downs. It is just that this one night is much longer than usual.

I have so much plans for dawn and I have to keep reminding myself that it is not going to come if I don’t see everything through.


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