Hanging On A Glass Edge

I finally got some time to sit down and reorganize my thoughts. 

I lied, actually I don’t, there are two major deadlines next week and I am not at all sure about what to do about them or if I have the energy for them. Not keeping track of my deadlines have cost me dearly: I am now confused which is more urgent, preparing for the forum presentation or the lab report which I will need a lot of effort into. (Things would have been different if I arranged the presentation to be at a later week)

Now everything relies on me grabbing hold of precious epiphanies (like I did two semesters ago) and blitz through them with grace.

Occasionally I would lift my head and gaze into the currently clear skies and feel ready to conquer everything like I used to for a fleeting moment. And then I looked back into my work thinking of all the help I can use but all thats left in the world is me and myself.

I wouldn’t be sure about how to respond if someone asks how am I doing out of courtesy. For now I am going with “not fine enough”. 

Still, I am alive and kicking. Mind still as sharp as ever.

This city of glass isn’t crumbling anytime soon.

And I am pretty sure I will be laughing everything off once everything explodes behind me like a Micheal Bay scene while feeling remarkably impressed by myself.


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