Orbital Psyche

There isn’t much to do now except to prepare for some tough final papers. So here am I, floating involuntarily beyond the stratosphere but slowly and surely descending towards solid ground. 

Right now I am sort of full-on scholarly and efficient, with most of my time on typing down notes for finals and alternating with my Coursera course on astrophysics (which is extremely fun minus the calculus). I have put all my other concerns behind me, like where to go for vacation, what do I do with my club, should I prepare to move out near the new university campus, what are the games I should be looking out for, etc.

Right now nothing matters except doing my personal best.

4 final papers of varying styles stand in my way.

One on my familiarity with research methods which counts on me not flinching in front of statistical tables and reporting statistics.

Another on human personality which is basically memory work and some degree of application.

Social psychology which is largely common sense to me and all that is left to do is conceptualize all these “sense” into psychological terminology and I should be good.

Finally theres evolutionary psychology which I trust that I understood enough of the subject to not worry about it too much, but I have strive to score as high as possible to make up for my mediocre assignments marks.

Then as my mind begins to fathom the vastness of the cosmos we reside in and knowing our place in it, I seem to have regained this feeling of peace and contentedness with the world. What worried our yesterdays turn insignificant today, what is worrying us right now will turn meaningless some time in the future too. But the present still matters, because right here and right now, we are all real, and so are our goals. Right here and right now, there are keys we need that are orbiting within our reach.

These presents are present in our present.

I can only cherish lessons I learned in the past, I can only attempt to anticipate what will be thrown in my way. I can only exert my power on what is going on my life right now and adjust its locus for the future, based on what the past taught me.

I can only trust that everything will turn out well in the end, through our own wills. 



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