Still Standing

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

There was this little inactivity for more than a week as I had finals to contend with. 

It all ended as well as the best I could hope for.

Now that I am out of the mess that is this semester, I can actually see how certain things have actually been going rather well in my favor. I actually avoided looking at my assignment marks to not let it affect me, but when I actually saw them I was actually freakin amazed. A lot of my scores were actually some of the highest in the class and I have no idea why and how. I honestly thought a lot of these marks wasn’t that well-deserved on my part: I did not enjoy most of them, did not want to spend extra time improving them. Usually these attitudes are recipes for failure and remediation, but sheer luck and some more talented, or at least more pragmatic friends pulled me through.

Finals week was actually much smoother then I expected. It shed some light on my own studying habits, like how I could synthesize three chapters of information quickly (in less than an hour) at the very last minute,  while taking more than 3 hours for an introductory chapter three-four days before the paper (thats me without a Pinterest account!). I wonder if things could have been better if I actually started way earlier, or if it is actually possible to develop a decent functional note-taking system I could use. I did somewhat recover some of the habits I used in my Foundations time, printing slides and writing notes on them in particular. I am amazed how I made through one year with flying colors without doing that. 

Generally, Human Personality is the only subject I struggled with, which was not what I expected few weeks into the semester. Granted, the MCQs were easy, but I have not been stumped by compulsory essays with little to no clue on how to continue since university started. There just so happen to be so much essay material throughout the entire course that there is no real way to identify a good four to five topics that one can prepare for. The other three finals (Evolutionary, Social, Advanced Quant Methods) actually went quite well and are really easy once the keywords are identified.

To sum things up, despite the ridiculous amount of workload moderated by shitstorms, I somehow managed to survive and still stand. I do not have high expectations for results this semester, but would be extremely happy if I even got one HD grade from the four heavy psychology subjects.

Some would consider this a hard lesson, but I would like to think that knowing where your limits are and trying to push them is a good experience. Maybe there are just other ways to do that without compromising academic grades.  

But I am beyond these now. I have a month of rest to consider life, death, books, teas, and cats, without having to depend on instant coffees.

LATER NOTES: I got 4 HDs. Still not sure how but I sometimes I impress even myself. Yes, not supposed to let academic results dictate my well being but please excuse this– FUCKYEAAAA. 


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