A Certain New Year Resolution (or not)

A year is like an instant in the eyes of the world.

But for me 2015 was a long one.

If it wasn’t for this blog to keep track, I won’t even remember my checkpoints: what I did, what I learned, who got closer and who got distant (I am still finding out how and why).

All I know is that 2015 is just one step of a much longer journey.


Got better, in fact 2015 may be my pinnacle in terms of my life as a student. The best part is I certainly haven’t gave it my all.

I know I can go way further if I did.

At the same time, I managed to breach my limits, and there is no plausible way to push them further aside from no sleeping.

So for this, I guess my only resolution can be to get more energy, be more aware of them, and direct them at the right priorities.  I am going to be on a lookout for company with aforementioned capabilities and set them as examples.

Learning and Living

I thought I have long passed this test.

It seems that in the face of life, you can never truly master living. The fact that one is alive always means that one remains a student, a explorer, a gourmet, and a friend of the world itself.

I can make faster paces, look around more, make notes of my findings. I once thought I unlocked the secrets of living a perfect life after much reading and thinking. The philosophies and lessons are beginning to repeat and saturate. I thought I was ready to walk ahead, write a great book, and then perhaps exit with glory and no regrets.

Turns out even if I had all the secrets in my bag, I was not ready to use them. Even if I could, there still remains the fact that I had to practice.

Knowledge isn’t power, application is.

And for that, I am lucky to have seized opportunities to make changes in my old lifestyle. To walk out and see more of the world, to be in touch with how I feel about the world, and to let the world know how I feel about them.

As a type this down, I am feeling more clarity towards myself, but regarding others? I seem to remain woefully ignorant.

I am still waiting for the strangers that will be my next revelations.


I am definitely going to read a lot more real books. Lets just leave it at that.


About The Future, of 2016

Its a new year tomorrow, but the changes in the world are not going to happen magically because of it. The sunlight is not going to be a bit brighter, mothers and wives are not going to be in a better mood, the WiFi connection isn’t going to get faster.

The only difference is that I took some minutes to write this blog post down, so I can close one page and move on to the next, and refer back when I need to.

I am going to be so glad that I did, some time in the future.

Regardless, happy new year. Its a well deserved one.


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