An Uncertain (But Conscious) Declaration

I now have the habit of writing before I want to commit to a change. Thanks to this blog and the few followers and readers I have. I will keep this up even if all I have in the world is going to be the few of you. 

So what do I plan to do with this blog in the foreseeable future? For that, goes hand in hand with what I intend with my life.

I will be much less involved with Dota 2. I mean, I wasn’t already too involved with it, but it has been a huge part of my life since high school and even until now.

I was suddenly conscious that my time invested in Dota 2 was no longer rewarding. I always wanted to create long standing things: hero builds, Top 10s, thoughts, patch analysis and so on, but due to a lack of reasonable facilities (a playable laptop and reasonably reliable internet connection) and a circle of friends that is passionate about it, I no longer feel the need to spend hours on rounds of Dota 2 as my fraps-per-second is getting to low for me to want to test new builds and learn things. On top of that, Dota 2 as a game has always been dynamic and, and in this era of new mechanics like “spell modifiers” I am finding it too tired to commit to updating past content. Mind that I will still be playing some games just to keep my control polished and keeping track with the updates and competitive events, but don’t expect much updates on the Dota 2 partition on my blog. I do have a couple of hero builds on my mind and a my fanmade list of item descriptions halfway done.

Psychology writings will be a priority. I find writing psychology articles really taxing, they start out being fun and exciting and leave the writer extremely satisfied when they are done. But they are also extremely energy consuming even though with minimal research. The thought of getting tired of writing scares me, but it seems reasonable for me to continue on this route. On top of that, I am going to be organizing a psychology fair for my university, and if a pastime is going to keep me sharp for that, why not?

Book reviews will get more frequent. I am making a conscious commitment to read more books and sharing my thoughts about them. I also reformed my club to be more focused on them

Secularism and atheism will begin to be a major focus. I tried to be subtle about this for a long time, or at least tried to be more passive and pacifist. But there were far too many unhappy incidents last year that involved religion being their roots, and I feel somewhat unhappy, if not a little guilty, by my inaction and reluctance to honestly address these issues (out of fear of being isolated by my peers, if they have not already) and bring up the need for a secular world, governed not by faith but reason and compassion.  From this point onward, If God the Almighty is indeed real, I hereby pledge to be his(her?) loyal opposition.  I will be bringing up my atheism and antitheism much more frequently and see to it that my arguments are reasonable and valid. I want to show the world that there is indeed hope after faith.


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