Disorientation Issues

I am not sure why the first word that came to mind was “disorientation”.

Perhaps my plans were too rigid to begin with, although I honestly thought having some bits of rigidity was a positive change. 

I originally intended to sign up for one of the electives that is about understanding and managing emotions, but I somehow managed to screw up by not registering for the lecture on time (and missing the extra slots by a few minutes).

Outcome: Subject slots all taken, and I may have to settle for another elective that I am really not interested in.

So yeah, one inaction managed to stoop my momentum forward for the first week, followed by a series of accidents: forgetting stationary, messing up notebooks, horrible biological clock, low attention span in lectures, missing dates for replacement lectures…

Well, now I have two days to pick myself back together before this supposedly easy long semester crumbles into oblivion.



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