[Japanese] Aimer – Brave Shine

During this little hiatus during Chinese New Year, I managed to finish both seasons of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (yay for another achievement, a review will be written after next Friday). Easy to guess what happened there, the opening song of the second season hooked me so bad that I had it on replay loops for the past few days. 

I am not sure how I let Aimer’s works slip through my playlist after so many years of hoarding anime music. Admittedly some of her other works are somewhat lacking, but Brave Shine isn’t one of them. It is nothing short of a masterpiece for anime openings (one could easily make tons of AMVs for 50 other anime just using “Brave Shine”).

I actually got the similar chills as those of Ash Like Snow and Unlimited Sky (Gundam 00) about 6 or 7 years back and more recently Rain (FMA Brotherhood), something I have not felt in a long while. It also doesn’t hurt that the opening scene is very well done and in great sync with the beats.


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