Gray Matters Pt. 2

I have no accurate words for my last couple of weeks, but allow me to vent a bit.

Yes, I know my writing is going down the drain. So is everything else in life. Just bear with this deranged one sided correspondence like you all used to.

  1. Transcription is the most tedious job ever. It is boring, time consuming, and on top of that there is no music. For every minute of recording my require up to 5 minutes to transcribe it verbatim. 20 minutes can take hours. An hour of it can take days. If I end up having to do transcription as a career, I had better be well paid. 
  2. I will never do research topics on religion with a group ever again. I did foresee others’ researcher bias kicking in, but never to the extent that one would simply refuse to write in a psychological or scientific manner.
  3. I will have to be picky about group-mates in the future. I will refrain from finger pointing, as I believe the actual workplace may be much worse. But I will never sit back and allow myself to be simply allocated to random groups or groups which I know have no synergy, again. In the past, I was totally fine with any group-mates as at the freshmen level I can easily manage group assignments single-handedly. Second year onward, this philosophy of mine have been proven to fail time and time again. As of recently I have been giving a lot of thought with my philosophy on group assignments and whine about my luck with groups, and have somewhat accepted that my group-mates are the reflection of my poor networking capabilities. It is hypocritical of me to adopt a more self-centered attitude to studies, given that I carry a role of being a mentor to juniors. It is really difficult to carry the same attitude, especially if my marks are on the line and group-mates show no hunger to do more than pass a subject. Then, again, I will never know if I will manage this transition well.

Tomorrow I will have a retreat to Cameron Highlands again, with Psi Chi members and some faculty members. I initially joined up with this out of impulse and wanting to make some more friends. Now I actually look forward to this much more than I expected, the highlands breeze, the freshly picked teas, vegetables worth going vegan for etc. For this semester, I just ask for 3 days all for myself without having to worry about all the coursework and responsibility I owe. Just 3 days, not a lot to ask.

I am really looking forward to this, simply because I seem to dread everything else that follows.


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