Haven from Haven’ts

This is a little write up about my three day retreat at Cameron Highlands with a party of pundits academically oriented people aka Psi Chi members and some psychology faculty members. I would like to think of these three days as an attempt to make peace with myself through blocking out all of the duties I haven’t done while refuging at a place where no bad news can reach me. Therefore, ‘haven from haven’ts’. 

I was reminded of why I loved field trips and excursions as a kid so much.


I would be lying if I said that the prep work was perfectly well done and planned, but I felt it is because it was so haphazard it felt like a true retreat instead of a regular camp. Very little tense emotions, a lot of sharing and spreading of positive thoughts and advice, a lot of shedding light on future, a lot of whining about unreasonably tough exams and monkeys as group mates.

Quiet roads, loud laughter, cool breeze, warm company. These three days felt like one breath of fresh air that I tried very hard to hold on to, but had to exhale somehow.

I don’t care what others think, this is my kind of retreat. This is the transient exit from my burdens that I need.

Above all else, thanks to those who made it happen.

All of the new questions and problems that surfaces into my life since college and university, along with the answers to all of them, seemed to be coming to a full circle. Everything is standing in a circle around me, holding their hands out waiting for me to reach to them.

Leaning on your fears, making friends with doubt. Know fear, know doubt.

Know that this is one real life we are living and we have only one shot at it.

There are no right decisions, no wrong decisions, just some better than others. (not really deep stuff, I have heard this so many times, but somehow I needed Dr Goh’s voice to help me register)

There is definitely still a lot of work to be done.



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