[Hip Hop] Your Ghost – Elyon

“Love at first sight is only realizing an imagination that has always haunted us; or meeting with a face, a figure, or cast of expression in perfection that we have seen and admired in a less degree or in less favorable circumstances a hundred times before.”

‘I accidentally dropped the box of letters between us. A reminder of a untold story of unfulfilled promises, where every word are pictures. Of meeting of two worlds, of favorite old songs, of discreet dates, and a cat in a basket. Of half-finished poetry, of halfhearted confessions, of half-baked cakes, of half-blossomed flowers.’

‘Then one day I saw you full of smiles and hope but in a foreign place, just like when we first held hands. ‘

‘It was then I realized that it wasn’t your ghost that haunted me all these years, but mine all along, all alone. ‘


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