My Self (Through a Kaleidoscope)

Who am I? What do I do? What do I identify with?


I changed my handle kinda often over the Internet, but most of the time I am JY in real life or Atlas over the internet. Born in 1995 February and have been living in the quiet part of the busy township that is Petaling Jaya.

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in psychology at HELP University, with interests in the scientific mind, courage, positive, and evolutionary psychology. My conversational topics often heavily revolve around psychological topics to the point that I annoy even myself.

On top of that, I play video games. I don’t necessarily game a lot, but I think about video games most of the time and is fascinated in any conversation game related. I also catch up with a fair bit of anime and manga when I don’t feel like being productive.

Last but not least…I write. Not professionally as I really cannot develop a habit of proofreading my writings, but it is one of those things I do the most.

Oh, I am also pretty bilingual. I speak and write in both Chinese and English.


Predominantly, I am a humanist. Most of my values revolving around the human species and putting human interest above all else. Yeah, it means that I will put human benefits in front of animals, while making exceptions for my beloved cats against my less favorable relatives. 

Otherwise, I am a rather staunch atheist that is not very agnostic. I am a little against the notion of respecting all religions equally, and encourage openly critical and honest interfaith conversations. I have a tendency to judge people by their religious orientation (which I hope no one notices), but ultimately I remind myself to treat people as people regardless of their beliefs.

Will explore this in future writings. 

Political Views

I don’t comment a lot on politics as the scene in my nation is extremely backwards to the point that it is just a matter of the educated society versus the uneducated masses. But in a more global context, I definitely swing on the more liberal side. I am pro-firearm control and pro-church-state separation and secularization in general although it is not even close to being my business.

In an ideal world I will identify as an anarchist too.

Politically, I am pro LGBT rights although I am rather uncomfortable around them.

Oh, I don’t exactly understand feminism so I don’t identify as a feminist. But I can imagine my values overlap with them a fair bit.


I love video games in general, but I myself play MMOs and MOBAs, along with offline RPGs. I played a fair number of MMOs including Ragnarok, MapleStory, Tales of Pirates, Age of Wushu, RuneScape, and currently trying out Tree of Saviors. I am also an avid Dota 2 player and amateur analyst. In fact, I have dedicated sections of the blog for Dota 2, although I intend to place it on another more suitable platform in the near future. I have also been a huge Pokemon fan since age 7 and still tightly following the updates even if I don’t own the consoles.

I am also a reader. It was basically the only hobby that was really approved and I am glad that I picked it up very young. I don’t have specific interests, but for fiction I am quite into Chinese wuxia and fantasy genres, along with the Assassin’s Creed series.  Non-fiction for me is mostly positive psychology, popular science and biographies of people and case studies of various things. But as of now, I find myself reading articles from the Internet much more than anything else due to being on Facebook like all the time.

Physical activity wise…I am quite lacking. Badminton was a junior high pastime, but it wasn’t a regular hobby. I used to be a wushu practitioner with emphasis on fencing and taijiquan but was no good with basically everything else. The only sport I am close to being really good at is roller skating, but in a twist of fate I outgrown my skates leaving my skating skills to rust. Currently involved in parkour training, but I am much too fresh to consider myself a practitioner. 

I guess that is the extent I can write about for now?

Oh yes, I write. I used to write a myriad of things from short stories to poetry but they were in chinese. Since pre-university years I have started focusing more on English and trying to employ it more often in writings. I think writing is one of the things that define more as a person because writing forces me to think more deliberately and be more aware of the context I am in. I am not really a great writer because of

1. my limited vocabulary

2. I don’t read as much as I look and

3. I didn’t have a conducive environment for it.

But I do my best by being as deliberate as possible.



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