End of May Days

The sun’s hot gaze may have not left, but May ends soon. New life-sphere, new workspace, new resolutions, new natural state. 

Activated Charcoal Is Love, Activated Charcoal Is Life

My first three days at university is plagued with food poisoning and a severe lack of sleep. Blame the  durians. I had days where I was conscious of the pain in my throat, lungs, head, and muscles through the entire night from ten to five on the bed, failing to find the perfect sleep posture. That took a toll my attention span and consciousness for quite some classes. On top of that is the nonstop toilet trips.

Sometimes the answer to life is some activated charcoal tablets and a beer before sleep.

Psychology School Convention

The biggest thing on my plate this time around. Not going to go into details, but having to be in touch with more then a dozen members (with some on internships, which add an extra layer of complexity when it comes to meeting up) and the university’s updates (venue, bonus credit, moar activities!) is pretty taxing. The entire notion started out as my little brainchild, but it is now expanding a little out of my hands.

I can only do my best to ensure that this ends well.

Elective Currents

This is a short semester so any workload taken up is effectively doubled. eg: 2 subjects equivalent to 4 in terms of workload, as 14 weeks became 7 weeks.

At the same time, everyone around me seems to be in a hurry to exit university life and is more than eager to take one extra electives. I will go into whether this is a good idea another time. I am the type that easily bends to the will of the surroundings, so I kinda spent a lot of time wondering if I should put one more elective on my plate. At the end of the day I decided against it after some internal struggles to overcome the dissonance.

At least now I am kinda glad I didn’t.

ps: there is a new cat in the new campus! 


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