A Briefer Recollection of A Brief Semester

Moved In

This is me spending my first night in a new home away from family.

Finally moved out.

The good: Got a nice cozy place, nice landlord, nice and generous housemates, near enough to not have to prepare few hours before lectures.

The bad: basic facilities are delayed (WiFi, refrigerator, washing machine), actual distance is actually a rather long walk (the returning walk is actually tedious!), security outside the housing area is less than desired (group walks and bikes).

Everything went smoother than expected for the most part, except for one challenge. The lack of internet connection at this home (along with the university’s false promise of a 24 hour student room) made it near impossible to do assignments past evening. That and the questionable security around the under developed area made staying back at university not a viable option.

Overall kinda glad I get to face the challenges of being away from family at this point rather than later. Time to let off this 21 years of privileged life off.


This semester I took up two core subjects: Learning and Cognition and Developmental Psychology. It’s tough managing them both. 

The work is not impossible, it is just surprisingly difficult to find time for them. Either the long walk back home makes me too exhausted to want to do any work, or the time preparing for other commitments simply takes too much time.

Adapting to a new environment in a rushed semester…kinda far from ready to want to do university life this time around.

Malaysia’s 1st Existential-Humanistic Psychology Conference

Keeping this brief. 

First ever conference in my life. Did not regret it. New friends, new connections, new perspectives onto living…alright maybe not so much for my hedonistic lifestyle, but I am still glad of being able to be part of this historical event.

Out of sheer luck, I get to go out for dinner with the guest speakers too!

I am assigned write-ups for the keynotes, stay tuned for them 🙂 

Last but not least…

Serendipitous Lunch

Credits to Abby Lye Kuan

This happened during day 2 of the conference. We went out to search for a operational restaurant, but was mostly unsuccessful. After some walk we actually came across with what looked like a wedding party (it’s actually a opening ceremony of a business). Shortly before that I joked with them about pretending to be friends and relatives of the host by exchanging made-up formalities with them, in the hopes of earning a free meal.

Next thing we knew we were invited (because they saw the name of university on a bag one of us was carrying) to a free meal consisting of great food and drinks, complete with refills of wine and beer.

I was still in disbelief even after the last drops of wine.

Until next time.


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