Afloat on June’s Tides

Woops, sort of neglected updating this blog for…like 2 weeks I guess. 

I am doing okay.

yas i still lives. No wifi=character development

Aside from the lack of internet connection at my new home, I am starting to really love living there. It feels really good being closer to the central of the university community 🙂

 Coursework sucks, but I am nearly done.

Short semester things. Everything is intensive: every day there is a graded component, be it quizzes or written assignments. I am feeling more like a social loafer this semester (I am present all the time and contributing ideas, but I am very rarely being part of the presence that is actually getting graded, which is a first), but hey I finally got into good groups this time around.

A rather apt depiction of our group assignment roles.

Great friends and allies and whatever

I gotta make a new ‘family’ of sorts here. It is this semester that I realize I have more friends than I thought I did. Not going to write stuff that make people go ‘ngaww’ here, but yeah, I now have more and more people that mean a lot to me.

Maybe that’s why I feel the need to write less and less.

Perhaps ‘writing the world’ is more meaningful than leaving every last bit of my life on text. 

Psychology School Convention 2016

Finally off my to-do list. Felt demotivated and thankless halfway through, but fulfilling in the end! My activity was about the dihydrogen monoxide hoax, which was a resounding success!

*I intend to publish the results of the survey of those who petitioned to ban DHMO

**Dr Goh’s daughter saw through the hoax in one look.

And, that’s for now.

I no longer really want to put all the things about my life on text. Nothing to do with privacy, it is just a sudden realization that all I need is some company to walk with through the day, and not desperately leaving prints of my existence on a virtual space.

The world has enough of people writing about themselves already.

So, I am slightly edging to a new direction this point onward: less about myself and my isolated life, and more about things that I and the world have in common.

Oh, and I have a S7 Edge now.

Honestly still a little…I don’t know. Whatever words I sue will depict me as a spoiled child! But I could have settled for a cheaper phone and save up for a better laptop. But phone badly needed replacing (a lot of aspects where a tablet isn’t really cutting it),  and my camera is really good (notice the increasing amounts of pictures of my posts?) to use, even for a pathetic photographer like me. 

Not the type to feel like a superior human being simply because I have a good/costly phone, but it seems that I am going to be the default cameraman for everything now.


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