So-fo(r)-more Retrospection

Finished my last paper on developmental psychology on the 20th (*sniffs paper*, hmm smells like bullshit), which marks the very end of my 2nd year of university. Along this paths are some tough choices and tough moments that leave me with no choice to speak off. No words could have accurately summed up this journey of mixed feelings though one thing’s for sure: I won’t have it any other way. 

Going back in time from last August, here are the things I done and learned.

I started a student society.

And let go a while later. Not as much as a leader as I hoped, only as a pioneer of some things that hopefully brought a little joy to others. I wasn’t able to lead by example, or lead through serving others. If anything, I merely started a spark and believed that it has meaning, that it shone brilliantly enough that others would want to follow.

It made me realize the amount of possibilities holds within one’s reach, that I can be redefined by the choices I am going to make, and that others can grow into whatever one trusts them to be.

Evolutionary psychology.

Best class ever.

I learned that knowledge can be so well-served that one keep coming back for seconds even outside of class.

Teamwork is core to success.

…and often one has very little say for who one wants to work with. There is 7 to 14 weeks to decide how much does one want to make out of this relationship. It can go surprisingly well, it can go really sour. But we do have the choice of how we want this to go by putting a little more heart into each other. There are moments where I realize that I am really not omnipotent, and really need others that can complement me, in areas where I simply lack or where my energy level hits rock bottom.

Coauthoring academic papers is difficult.

Nuff said.

Not all research are equal.

Some can be simple in design and have significant implications, some can be extremely cleverly thought out and intricately designed, but worth very little in terms of implications to the real world. Some areas of interests are inherently worth more.

Some subjects are NOT meant to be done in one day.

I have really good rates of success with cramping things last minute, which can give me some illusion of competence. Truth is there are many subjects and topics that are not meant to be treated with that way. Biopsychology is one of them.

Focus on the process, not outcome.

Arguable the most valuable lesson. Goals are meant to be pursued, to facilitate the process of pursuing, not the other way round. Goal orientation makes one extremely drained quickly and is recipe for procrastination, process orientation makes time fly. Do not read a book for the sake of finishing it and it’s knowledge engraved automatically. Read to follow the meaning the writer poured within the pages and between the lines and savor every moment.


Good sleep is more important than I thought.

Stress can work out well.

Here is the odd thing: the more subjects I study in a semester, the better I perform.

Vulnerability and Friends.

Meaningful friends come pouring in once you stop hiding your weak spots. Friends come and go, especially considering that the average human lifespan is seven decades with no one you know now sticking with you to the very end. While they are still around, offer gifts and values without holding back.

Dreams can be built.

I witnessed how one idea, just a thought of students stepping out of classrooms and demonstrating what they learned for fun, can grow into something massive and meaningful.

From its shaky humble roots of a team of random people, to a campus wide movement demonstrating passion for the work we engage in. I have no words for how glad am I for seeing the Psychology School Convention to its very end. 

I need WiFi and blogging less than I think.

I survived one whole semester without built in internet at my new home (to be fair I used a LOT of mobile data). I think I did moderately okay!

Some things go thankless, but it’s okay!

The time just isn’t right, or I probably have not done enough. It’s always one of the either. Always.


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