A little accident happened during my short return to my high school’s anniversary carnival where I sprained my ankle. Initially thought this is going to be an average sprain, I just kept my movement to a rather liberal minimum degree. Then an impromptu trip to a sports physician revealed something a little worse: there are some ligaments near my foot that will remain permanently prone to damage due to insufficient treatment during the first damage.

Well who would have known life insurance will pay off so soon. 

So some change of plans to my break, instead of walking around impromptu and pretending I am travelling, I will just stay at home and browse things on google Earth.

Few things I learned better though.

  1. Get a good insurance plan. Yes the insurance industry makes evil money of our insecurities, but we are often less safe than we think. Just think of your insurance payments as kind donations to people who simply cannot create things of value to make a living out of, it may pay you back someday. Sorry actuarial majors. 
  2. Kids = no good. The one who accidentally forced me off a step was no older than 7 years old. No action could have been taken. I am still doubtful if my Chinese swearing registered in his senses. Once again, kids = trouble.

This seems to be it for now. Back to potating and hopefully doing a little more writing. Will have some other posts that are published in MY Psychology ready to publish here.


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