[Bleach’s End Monologue] Farewell Swords

It is still a little hard to accept that Bleach is one chapter before it officially concludes. There have been some news going about last week that the series will end in August.

But I wouldn’t even know that they are going to end in 2 chapters. 

2 chapters is like…less than 40 pages worth of actual story, and one chapter was just released earlier.

If you told me last week that Bleach is going to have 40 pages or so to wrap up I wouldn’t believe you. How could that possibly happen without leaving holes?

There is so much things going on unresolved since the beginning of this arc. Who or what exactly is Mizuiro? What are some of the Bankais of the Division Zero? More history on the characters? How exactly do the Sternritter operate (like the Ywach time limiter thing)? What exactly is the Soul King? Why Ywach came from nowhere? What happened to Zanka no Tachi (Yamamoto’s Bankai which was never used)? Fullbringer’s involvement (they trained so hard and showed up to restore Ichigo’s blade and proceed to be absent for the fight)?

The list can go on.

There is also the disturbing bit where that a lot of characters that could have used some development but got knocked out of action like fodder. Then, there are some seemingly important characters that just never got a proper explanation or received proper attention.

People are complaining about this Quincy War arc being long and draggy, but at the same time the recent chapters are obviously rushed. Like how the fathers somehow showed up in the Spirit King’s Realm (where our big antagonist Aizen tried very hard to get access to but failed) to deliver a special arrow that could somehow (how do they even know? seemingly without a scientist character?) work against Ywach.

Welp, that’s a lot to rant on for a first time.

I really like to see how Bleach can deliver a proper closure to this rushed ending. It is obvious that this end wasn’t exactly well planned and almost certain to be disappointing, Unless next chapter somehow has 50+ pages worth of content tying up the lose ends.

Keeping fingers crossed. But really, I am still not ready to say farewell. 6-7 years of habitually visiting manga scans hosting sites every Wednesday-Thursday is a tough habit to kill off.

I just realized that I never really mentioned that I am a Bleach person. It is literally the one and only manga that I consistently follow since I was 14.  I read others and especially liked Pokemon Adventures, but Bleach is like the reason that I started manga and I am determined to follow it to its end. Perhaps after the last chapter I will do a Bleach review? 


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