The Plunge 

Haven’t published in a long while, for good reason. 

Semester began again (what a surprise), with me newly setting foot on to Year 3 life. 

A plunge into a world of unfamiliarity.

Suddenly I have like one thousand commitments, and this time I really want to believe that with more responsibility comes stronger discipline and time management. I am going to need that a lot. 

So, coursework. Four subjects, three 3rd years which focuses on applied aspects of psychology. I have to learn how to apply psychological concepts in product design and identify issues with design of things in everyday life (Human Factors or Engineering Psychology). Then there’s Politics and Psychology which requires a lot of independent reading on political phenomenon and issues and how social cognitive concepts apply to them. Lastly, there’s abnormal psychology, where I have to dive deep into psychopathology and learn how to classify and differentiate various psychological phenomenon that are deemed as anomalies. 

On top of the 3rd years, I have a 2nd year elective which requires me to construct a psychological measure. Yeah, on top of 3 heavy classes which could be independent  courses on their own, I decided to take on another statistics class. I have actually planned a long while for this subject so I won’t have it any other way, but I seem to be not in a very pleasant spot. 

That being said, classes have never been more engaging and exciting. This is probably going to be the most intellectually stimulating semester I will ever experience. 

Coursework aside, I have few other commitments too. There my monthly writing  routine for MY Psychology, where I have to produce content for their website. There is also my involvement with editorial work for a upcoming conference. This semester there is also my part time tutoring for evolutionary psychology. Last but not least, I also intend to get involved in developing a website about emotions and mindful living with a faculty member. 

These do not take my personal readings and games (atm Pokémon Uranium) into account

I may be pushing my capabilities as a learner to its very limits this semester. I really cannot see what is going to come aside from hardship, but I know I will have a long list of people to thank at the very end. 

For now, cheerios! I will be publishing some quotes that I find memorable and hopefully a couple of reviews if I finished any books. 


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