My Mount Improbable

Five weeks into my third year. 

Too much books that need finishing.

I am not an avid reader. I now carry a book with me everyday just to feel befriended, but actually make very little progress on them. I love buying books, and have a wide range of reading interests. My concurrent collection (both pirated ebooks and physical books) consists of popular science, psychology, futurology, politics, game design, and fiction. All of them are 300 pages minimum, and I can’t help feeling that I may not be able to have time to finish them and get meaningful takeaways from them.

ps: just finished The Best Place To Work by Ron Friedman. One of the best non-fiction works I have came across.

 Actually struggling with Third Year.

Oh my fucking god, this is a little unreal but yeah, I am struggling with my academic syllabus despite having it a little easier. I may have chosen some rather difficult subjects, but I have deferred beginning my own thesis and have less subjects than most students (four instead of the standard five, I have always argued that you don’t internalize much content from cramming a lot of subjects in one semester). I am currently sucking terribly at my abnormal psychology quizzes that I have developed a learned helplessness response to it despite being actually prepared for it. My other classes are going on, but the deadlines have not poured in for me to feel anxious, but there is this creeping sense of dread looming above me all the time.

My old study methods are no longer functional for this new level of workload, and I am badly in need of a solution (note taking, to-dos).

And up the slope I go.

Armed with some new music and productivity apps. And a little bit of hope to hike up this stretch of improbability. Have done this before, will do it again.


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