Brief Catch Up

This is not going well at all. 

Its a tradition of mine to whine about every semester, but the one I am currently going through now is quite over the top. After a hectic paper two days ago, I have three deadlines lining up for me next week, on top of the MAPSA conference which organizing team I am part of.

Not having the best of times.

My biggest pet peeve is that I intended this semester to be a more laid-back one as I have chose to defer some core subjects and my thesis, but this has obviously not been the case. I am having the roughest semester of my life, with the most hectic four weeks to come. The numbness is already getting to me so no begging for mercy and deadline extensions, in many way I am thankful for all the brief breaks of clarity amidst the insanity.

ps: I think this is also apparent, judging by the rate I update my blog recently. I may do a recap of the whole semester after this, but for now just expect rants and more rants. 




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